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Dartford Cricket Club

Hesketh Park Pavilion (HPP)

Location of new Clubhouse.

 Pilgrims Way, junction of Park Road and Princes Road, off roundabout BP petrol station. Access to club is only possible from Pilgrims Way, which is a two way road accessible from Watling Street or Park Road, main gate 50 m on left in Pilgrims Way, from top end (Park Road). There are cycle paths along Princes Road from lights at VW garage on the left (Crayford end) and also from Darent Valley Hospital down , please use right hand cycling subway under main tunnel roundabout then pick up path around to the club.

Entrance to the club.

 If the gate is locked please get off the road, there is enough room for quite a few bikes, if driving up please find a suitable parking place until gate is open, do not queue outside. Inside the car park, the car park is made from plastic honeycomb filled with road stone and rolled to a flat finish; it is safe to cycle over. Bike stand will be to the right of the main entrance, dedicated for bikes. Please do not cycle around the car park or on the grass areas.

Use of the Clubhouse.

The clubhouse is on 2 levels, with stairs and a disabled lift, most of the flooring is carpeted but there are some wooden flooring areas. I would ask everyone to walk on the carpet with cleated shoes and keep off the wooden floors to avoid slipping and not to damage or scratch the floors. The nearest toilets are on the ground floor, walk straight in reception is on the right, go through double doors and turn left along front of bar, toilets are located in left hand corner, please leave clean and tidy. Every paid up member will eventually receive a membership card to use, this has been provisionally planned to be a swipe card which will allow access to the main entrance, and to get discount on drinks and food from the bar.

Health and Safety

As part of British Cycling, the following points have been noted as possible risk of injury within the Clubhouse and car park and exit.

Entrance, kerb entrance, risk of fall …..Be aware when turning off road, either bump up small kerb square on, or dismount

Entrance, road, risk of collision……Do not stand or wait in the road

Car Park, Moving cars, risk of collision……keep to dedicated cycle stand by the shortest route on edge of car park, be aware of cars.

Car Park, Wet surface, risk of fall……do not cycle around the car park

Clubhouse, walking in cleats, risk of fall….. There are several areas within the building that could be slippery in cycling shoes; stair case front nosing is metal, wooden floors, toilet vinyl floors. Just be aware and if necessary please remove your shoes.

Exit from car park, risk of collision…. When leaving the club on rides into Pilgrims way, try to leave a one complete group so everyone gets out safely, rides will either go left or right and riders will be made aware of the direction before leaving.

Perimeter Roads, turning right risk of collision… The main risk area is exiting via Park road end and onto roundabout, please be aware you must give way at end of Pilgrims into Park road, before entering roundabout.  Turning left to bottom of Pilgrims, parked cars, and a T junction with Watling Street, obscured vision with parked cars.


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