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New Rider Guide
If you are a new rider who wants to join the club rides, here are the guidelines. Please do not just turn up expecting to ride as you may be turned away. Your bike needs to be road worthy and in excellent working order. You will need suitable clothing and a helmet to British Standards.
Why can't I just ride because I think I'm good enough ?
Unless we know your ability and any medical conditions you may have that affect your cycling, we would be putting both yourself and the rest of the group at risk, and you would not be covered by our club insurance 3rd party insurance.
What we need to do is assess your ability and safety skills on the road in a group. We can then decide which group will suit you best.
If you cant meet the basic speed of the bronze group of 12 mph average over 25 miles, you will not currently be accepted onto the club ride group rides.
Guidelines for Club rides. Rides will be split into groups Gold, Silver and Bronze
You must be sure you can stay with
the pace of the group over the complete ride distance. Route leaders will be in place to guide the way. If you want to stay on course
and remain within the Club ride you should stick with a route leader. The route leader is only meant as a guide they will not be responsible for riders off the back of the group and anybody who gets lost by going off the front. We do not want to restrict anyone's rides so if you
decide to push on please make sure you are with a rider who knows where they are going
All rides can be found in the new
Calendar, from the link below

Seeds Cycling Club

Club Ride guidelines.

At our last committee meeting, we have agreed to amend a few issues to

Make our club rides safer and fairer for all members.

Riding etiquette.

We need all riders to single out when there is a shout car behind. By not moving in the car canít pass but instead can be driving alongside or amongst the group, please donít be the solitary rider who puts the rest of the group in danger, it doesnít matter if we have the right of way, we need to do the right thing.

Half wheeling is when you cycle far too close to the rider in front and actually overlap the back wheel. Your braking reaction time is not enough to avoid hitting the bike in front, not only that you are forcing the rider in front to hit pot holes to avoid pulling out and hitting you. Keep a min of a wheel clear and offset to either side.


We all need to be more aware of road conditions and hazards, working together to point or shout out pot holes and warn of slowing down. Please look at every junction as a potential collision point, expect vehicles to do something they shouldnít. Even if we do have the right of way we canít win against a few tons of metal . Speeding club rides when the red mist comes down and you must get on the wheel of the fastest rider, all you are watching is the wheel in front, weaving in and out of the traffic, jumping red lights to gain an advantage. STOP!!!!  Could you honestly look back and say you were safe and you have every risk coveredÖÖ..

Go fast but read the road even further ahead, work together, think as a group, spot the hazards and act on them, if you are thinking what if, change that to when. Only then are you being a safer rider.



We now have bronze, silver and gold groups. This has been set up to give everyone a chance to ride at the speed they are comfortable with. Bronze rides 12 to 15 average, Silver 15 to 18 average, Gold 17 and above.


We have decided that all returning and new members need to be assessed before joining club rides. This will test your road skills and speed to allow you to join the most suitable group. If your average speed is much less than 12 mph average, you will need to train up before riding with the bronze group. The practice of new people just turning up and jumping on a ride, needs to stop. There are safety and insurance issues with this practice. Our main problems we do not know what you are capable of, you do not know our club riders and how they ride. You are not insured if you are not a member. Club members who bring along a guest are responsible for the safety of that rider and must shadow them at all times.

Ride leaders/ Route Leaders

At our last AGM in November, we decided the name ride leader did not describe the role for taking out rides. Ride leaders were put under too much pressure to control the group and look after all of the riders, this was an impossible task, leading to conflict between the ride leader and riders. So Route leaders just do that, they know the route, but are not responsible for riders who get lost or decide to go elsewhere. The whole group are responsible for their own safety and that of the group and the route leader. You must help struggling riders, help with punctures and mechanicals and act and ride together as a club.

As a Club, we all need to look out for each other, give each other safety tips, riding tips on how to climb and descend, road safety issues. Letís talk more improve and move forward and most important have fun enjoy your riding.

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Gold Silver and Bronze rides
Club rides. you must feel confident enough to ride at speed within the group
Increased awareness of traffic and fellow riders, do not switch off and chase the leader, make your own decisions, the leader may avoid an incident you may not. Look over your shoulder before pulling out, keep your ride line do not wander.
Be more aware of junctions as cars are more likely to miss judge the speed of the group and pull out. Keep a tight pack no more than 2 abreast, communicate, shout out and highlight potholes and if you are stopping, no sudden unannounced braking.
Think Safe. Ride Safe. Stay Safe
All rides are dependent on weather conditions

What do I wear today?

Just as a guide letís start on the easy ones, Summer clothing, above 20c,

Technical top that wicks sweat away from the skin and keeps you cool (not cotton) full length zip. Comfortable shorts with good quality vented padding. Mitts with gel padding, stop vibration on longer rides and better grip on the bars. Quality cycle glasses to stop glare and UV damage, and insects flying into your eyes, Vented cycle helmet, and finally thin coolmax socks. Oh yes sun screen

From 15 to 20c all of the above, you may also need a thin base layer and arm warmers to start, and with this temperature a foldable rain jacket or gilet

From 10 to 15c, these are the hard to get it right temperatures, all of the above, leg warmers, or thin longs, maybe a wind stopper jacket, thin full finger gloves.

5 to 10c, Winter gear, from the feet, overshoes, thermal socks, Bib tights, thermal base layer, Multi jacket, wind and weather proof, winter gloves, .

0 to 5c, Winter gear plus, Overshoes, good thermal socks or 2 pairs, thermal bib tights water repellent and wind proof, thermal base layer plus cycle jersey plus thick thermal jacket, gloves and most important thin thermal hat under helmet.

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